English horn vs Oboe

English horn vs Oboe

I was not always a woodwind player but I was thinking of the difference & similarities between English Horn (Cor Anglais) and Oboe – English horn vs Oboe.  Sadly, all I could think of was that they are both in the woodwind family, can found in the orchestra, and are all played using reeds.  Well, …

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What is Piccolo

What is Piccolo?

What is Piccolo? I’ve been a flutist for 5 years, but I also play the piccolo. In comparison to the flute, the piccolo has a higher tone. However, the piccolo is much smaller than the flute: being smaller and shorter thus considered a lower instrument. To play piccolo, you’ll need to add or subtract through …

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What is an oboe?

The World Guinness Records documents oboe and French horn are the hardest instruments of all to play. But, what is an oboe? How will it fit into your solo work on the orchestra? Well, I have to state that the French horn is difficult to play but the oboe – woodwind instrument – is the …

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