About US

Ototo.FM’s also at Dentaku key objective is to gather and bring to you guides, software, tools, and resources to assist in your music production journey. That’s it! 

As music production nerds, we specialize in making beats, audios, and videos on simple tools and complex equipment. For example, with just your computer, some basic production skills, and our comprehensive guides, you can start your music production journey. 

So, you don’t have to be the super techie or music production geek. Further, you won’t necessarily require the over-complicated audio or video devices you see displaced on professional music videos – simple is the new advanced in the music production niche 😉 . 

So, go through the guides and product reviews to learn more as you seek to answer most of your critical music production questions – you may contact us here!

Finally, you can go through our laptops for music production to start your journey in the simplest (but very effective) of the market tools.